Cemetery Information

This page information is NOT for burial purchase or arrangements. It is for genealogy information only.

For more information on other Elk County Cemeteries contact the City Office at 620-647-3665

Or email the City Clerk at molinecity@sktc.net

This page is in the process of being completed.

Special thanks to the late Millie Martin & Don Tharp for their hours of long work

journaling the cemeteries.

You can scroll down and read the listings on this site for the following cemeteries or if you’re looking for a different one use one of the following links. There is a lot of information on the Moline Map site.

There is a new site for cemetery and genealogy information it is

http://genealogytrails.com/kan/elk/ for Elk County

http://ksgennet.org/ks/cq/index.html for Chautauqua County



Moline Cemetery

Click  MCj04315320000[1]

Mt. Olivet

Click Cross MCj02457830000[1]